Practical Project Management
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Practical Project Management
By Frank Snapp on 2/5/2014 9:31 AM

10. It is better to finish everything than to finish on time.

9. It is better to finish on time than to finish everything.

8. Scope is a promise that is made to be broken.

By Frank Snapp on 2/5/2014 9:28 AM

When I was coaching YMCA football – 7-8 year olds – I had a team member that was pretty solid and stocky so I placed him as a blocker in the offense – he wasn’t very good – second team ! He was not happy.

By Frank Snapp on 2/4/2014 12:58 PM

We hear a lot about ‘hands off’ and ‘micro managing’ as polar opposites in the project management arena. The focus and intensity of management varies with the project but here is a scenario that might shed some light on the subject.

By Frank Snapp on 2/4/2014 12:54 PM

My first paid job was from a man at church asking my Dad if I wanted to do a job at his house to make some money – I was 14.

I said yes (and should have asked more questions) and we went to the man’s house in the country.

By Frank Snapp on 6/15/2011 2:34 PM
“Meetings are two people talking with a lot of witnesses.”
By Frank Snapp on 4/30/2011 12:41 PM

There are three basic elements involved in any project.
By Frank Snapp on 4/25/2011 12:00 AM
In many projects, particularly system implementation projects, knowledge transfer is a key deliverable.