Welcome to Financial Earnings Services.
We are committed to providing honest, straight forward, practical project management, business consulting and operational training.

When projects fail, they usually fail for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They detour from being development efforts and become issues resolution efforts.
  • The plan is so complex to develop and maintain that it becomes the project.
  • The scope is not defined well enough to keep the project deliverables on track.

“If you don’t plan where you are going, you end up somewhere else !”

Project / Engagement Management:

  • Plan, Timeline, Staffing, and Budget Development
  • Resource Allocation and Assignment
  • Systems implementation

Operational Consulting:

  • Business Process Analysis and Planning
  • Systems Integration with Business Process
  • Earnings Enhancement, Cost Reduction


  • Mortgage Banking, Project Management
  • One-on-One and Group Session
  • Materials and presentation